Are you a Dental Hygienist working for someone else?
Have you ever heard yourself say, "I want to quit my job!"
Yes? Then you gotta watch this video!
Have you ever heard yourself say, "I want to quit my job!"
Then you gotta watch this video!

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What is the IDHA?

Independent Dental Hygiene Associates are business owners sharing their knowledge and expertise with dental hygienists who are pursuing a new career path

Meet the Women Behind the IDHA

Meet the Women Behind the IDHA

After spending a large part of our career in traditional dentistry, twelve years ago we choose to pivot to Dental Hygiene business owners. That change made us who we are today, great friends and business partners. Together we want to inspire you to achieve your dreams!

Lori Lawrence RDH 
Certified Nutritional Microscopist 
Certified Biological Dental Hygienist
Smile Sensations Centre for Whole Health since 2007

Bev Woods, BSc., RDH 
  Gift from the Heart Founder/CEO
a Canadian Non-Profit Charity
   Leading Edge Dental Hygiene Clinic

Here's What Our Graduates are Saying

"I've gained valuable expertise, a pool of resources and advice from professional pioneers in our field. It just makes good sense to learn from those who know!"

"If you are thinking hard about what your career looks like moving forward and think that independent dental hygiene is looking more attractive, then
  I recommend you take the IDHA courses.

~ Dianna M.

"To say that Bev and Lori changed my life, would be an understatement!
Without their knowledge, guidance and continued support, I would not have the successful business I have today!" 

~ Andrea H.

In 2013, I took the IDHA Boot Camp with Bev & Lori,  it changed my life
Best move ever! They just boosted  my confidence, they fired me up! I quit my full-time job and I became successful business owner.

~ Lumi D.

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